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Acta Academica is an academic journal dedicated to scholarship in the humanities. The journal publishes scholarly articles that examine society, culture and politics past and present from a critical social theory perspective. The journal is also interested on scholarly work that examines how the humanities in the 21st century are responding to the double imperative of theorising the world and changing it. The journal appears four times a year and two of its issues are thematically focused.



The journal is published in English.

Organisation: The journal has a board composed of reputable local and international specialists who ensure the correct application of editorial policies, protect the focus of the journal and ensure the quality of its content. Board members are appointed for a period of five years and can serve up to two terms. The renewal of the Board is a responsibility of the editor. The editor is appointed by the University of the Free State through an open process of expression of interest and interviews. The editor is appointed by the University of the Free State. The editor performance has to be assessed on annual basis by the Board and the University. The University has a right to dismiss the editor should it find that the journal standing and performance has been undermined.

General considerations for publication: Papers submitted to Acta Academica will only be considered for possible publication if the author(s) have certified in writing that the paper in question is not under consideration by another journal, and will not be submitted to such a journal until and unless a final, written rejection decision from the present journal has been received. Acta Academica will not consider publication of more than one article per author per year. Papers submitted to the journal must ensure that the existing relevant literature is appropriately and fairly cited; in this respect, efforts should always made to ensure that reference is made to the first report of a finding or conceptual insight rather than a later elaboration. The journal indicates in all cases the date of reception of the manuscript and the date of acceptance by peer review. As far as possible Acta Academica strives to publish full-length research articles. The journal aspires to the highest quality in its layout and language editing practices. However, should errors be found in an issue, an appropriate errata will be published in the next issue.

Peer Review: All papers submitted to the journal are subject to a blind review process. Submitted manuscripts are examined with a view to the selection of appropriate peer reviewers (who should be scholars who have not previously co-published extensively with the author(s), who are for this and other reasons free of known bias in relation to the subject matter, the author(s) and/or their institutions, and who can cover, from a position of authority and peer expertise, the topic(s) dealt with in the paper concerned). Reviewer reports are assessed to decide whether, individually and summatively, they constitute the basis for the publication of the article in question, or whether publication should follow if certain improvements are effected and/or further work done and reported on; or whether the paper should be refused. Final decision about the publication of an article resides with the editorial team.

Editors and board members publications: Editor, associate editors and board members cannot publish more than one article every two years in Acta Academica. The editor, associate editors and board members who submit manuscripts to Acta Academica delegate the full editorial discretion in respect of those papers to the appropriate member of the editorial team depending on the circumstances. The editor compiles an annual report on the journal, with recommendations for journal improvement, for consideration by the editorial board and the publisher.

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Editorial policy


Editorial Staff
Dr Lis Lange
Assistant Editor
Rèné Eloff
Editorial associates
Prof Andre Keet
Prof Helene Strauss
Editorial Advisory Board
Editorial Board
Prof Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago
Dr Ebrima Sall, Council for the Development of Social Science research in Africa (CODESRIA)
Prof Premesh Lalu, University of the Western Cape
Prof Xolela Mangcu, University of Cape Town
Prof Barney Pityana, College of Transfiguration
Prof Mala Singh, independent consultant
Prof Marlene van Niekerk, University of Stellenbosch
Prof Melanie Walker, University of the Free State
Prof John Higgins, University of Cape Town

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