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Transactions of the Centre for Business Law is a series of monographs devoted to the advanced study of legal issues in the context of the business world. Scholarly dissertations at Masters and Doctorate level in the fields of mercantile, corporate, commercial and general business law are of particular interest to the editors of this highly respected series. All submissions for consideration by the Editorial Board are reviewed by at least two eminent referees who are not informed as to authorship."

List of Publications

1    Aspekte van die Arbeidsreg (1986)
2    Belasting op byvoordele (1986)
3    Oor beslote korporasies (1986) (reprinted and updated as No 23)
4    Die likwidasiegrond reg en billik (1987)
5    Misdrywe ingevolge die Maatskappywet, 1973 (1987)
6    Regsontwikkelings: 1986 en 1987 (1987)
7    Admirality jurisdiction and the courts (1988)
8    Regsontwikkelings: 1987 en 1988 (1988)
9    Die beëindiging van dienskontrakte en kollektiewe  arbeidsooreenkomste (1989)
10  Purchase by a company of its own shares (1989)
11  United States anti trust laws:  The South African experience and  reaction (1989)
12  A survey of United States state and local anti-South African  legislation (1989)
13  Gesamentlike en afsonderlike aanspreeklikheid in die  maatskappye- en beslote  korporasiereg (1990)
14  Aspekte van Arbeidsreg / Aspects of labour law (1990)
15  Onderstand en privileges ingevolge die Moratoriumwet, 1963  (1991)
16  Aspekte van die regsposisie van besturende direkteure (1991)
17  Die likwidasie van beslote korporasies met besondere verwysing na  die bepalings van die Maatskappywet en die Insolvensiewet  (1992)
18  Aspekte van beleggersbeskerming in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg  (1992)
19  Die aanwending van die vennootskap en commandite  as  kapitaalvoorsieningskema vir die beslote  korporasies (1993)
20  Uniform company law, federal states and economic communities (1993)
21  The legal nature of partnerships (1994)
22  ‘n Kritiese ondersoek na die ontwikkeling en funksionering van die  ouditkomitee in Suid-Afrika (1994)
23  Oor beslote korporasies / On close corporations (1995)
24  Geselekteerde problematiek in die Suid-Afrikaanse beslote  korporasiereg (1995)
25  Economic crime in Southern Africa (1996)
26  Die stokvel: ‘n Ondernemingsregtelike studie (1996)
27  Regsharmonisering in die Europese Unie (1997)
28  The distinction between private and public companies in South  African company law: an historical analysis and comparative  evaluation (1997)
29  Fiduciary duties of company directors with specific regard to  corporate opportunities (1998)
30  Money laundering control in South Africa (1998)
31  Victims of economic crime (1999)
32  Die invloed van die ouditkomitee op die eksterne ouditproses  (2000)
33  Combating economic crime (2001)
34  Comparative advertising (2002)
35  The legal position of development corporations (2002)
36  Aspekte van statutêre minderheidsbeskerming in die Suid- Afrikaanse maatskappyereg (2003)
37  The legal consequences of internet contracts (2004)
38  The protection of commercial information in electronic  communication with special reference to the internet (2005)
39  The protection of minority shareholders in affected transactions: A  comparative study (2006)
40  Perspectives on and a selection from Felicius-Boxelius Tractatus de  Societate  / A Treatise on the law of partnership (2006)
41  Moratoria en privilega militum veral in tempore belli. ‘n  Regshistoriese studie (2007)
42  Legal comparison between the South African close corporation and  the German "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" (2008)
43  Verteenwoordiging in ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse maatskappyregtelike  verband:  ‘n Regshistoriese en regsvergelykende ondersoek  (2009)
44. The South African close corporation / Die Suid-Afrikaanse beslote  korporasie. Capita selecta (2010)
45. Partnership law. Summa varia (2010)
46. The role and consequences of pure corporate control and corporate  social responsibility in the Republic of South Africa and the  United States of America (2010)
47. Maritime liens and the conflict of law (2011)
48. 'n Regsvergelykende Analise van Geregtelike Bestuur en ondernemingsredding ingevolge relevante Maatskappy wetgewing.
49. A South African Perspective on Copyright in Cloud Computing: A Copyright Conundrum.

All numbers up to No 17: R50 per copy (some are out of print and only photo copies are available) plus postage.  All others: R100 plus postage. 


Editorial Staff
Prof JJ Henning LLD MASSAf HFSALS HonCoif (University of the Free State)
Deputy Editor
Prof E Snyman-Van Deventer LLM LLM LLD (University of the Free State)
Assistant Editor
Dr A du Plessis LLM LLD (University of the Free State)
Consultant Editors
Prof JJ du Plessis LLM LLD (Deakin University)
Prof L de Koker LLM LLM LLD (Deakin University)
Editorial Advisory Board
The Hon Mr Justice JJF Hefer - Chief Justice of South Africa (ret)
The Hon Mr Justice L Mpati - President of the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa
The Hon Mr Justice LTC Harms - Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa
The Hon Mr Justice SPB Hancke - Free State High Court
Mr Michael Ashe QC SC - Lincoln's Inn, London and Recorder of the Crown Court, England and Wales
Prof Andrew Haynes - University of Wolverhampton School of Law
Prof Geoffrey Morse - Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham
Prof SJ Naudé - Consultant, Pretoria
Prof P Nolan CBE - University of Cambridge and Jesus College, Cambridge
Prof HH Rajak - University of Sussex School of Law
Prof Lary E Ribstein - University of Illinois College of Law
Prof BAK Rider - University of Cambridge and Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
Prof G Phillip Rutledge - Widener University School of Law and Dickinson School of Law
Prof LS Sealy - Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge
Dr Anton Trichardt - Lonsdale Chambers, Melbourne, Victoria
Dr Michael Twomey - Solicitor and Consultant, Dublin
Prof T van Wyk - Rembrandt Group
Prof Allan W Vestal - Drake University Law School
Prof Donald J Weidner - Florida State University College of Law

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