FAQ Appointing a Rector

Frequently asked questions on the process of appointing a Rector and Vice-chancellor at the UFS

1. Who appoints the Rector and Vice-Chancellor of the UFS?

The final decision regarding the appointment of a rector and vice-chancellor is made by the Council, which is the highest decision-making body of the UFS. The Council’s decision is based on recommendations by a selection committee appointed by the Council. The entire process of appointment takes place in accordance with an approved policy and procedure.

2. What is the role of the selection committee?

In terms of the above-mentioned policy and procedure, the selection committee compiles a shortlist of candidates from those who have applied and conducts interviews with the shortlisted candidates. It also considers the vote of Senate which indicates Senate’s view in terms of the appointability of each candidate and Senate’s order of preference.

In addition to the recommendations of the selection committee, the Council also receives a report from the Institutional Forum (IF) in which the IF advises Council on the selection of the Rector and VC.

3. Who are the members of the selection committee?

The selection committee is made up as follows:

(a) The Chairperson of the Council as Chairperson of the committee.
(b) Two Council members (not staff, and at least one of whom must be from the designated groups).
(c) Four Senate members (not deans – appointed by Senate and at least two of whom must be from the designated groups).
(d) The Dean of each faculty or a secundus appointed by the faculty, as well as the Dean: Student Affairs.
(e) The Vice-Rectors.
(f) The Chief Directors.
(g) The Registrars.
(h) The Director: Diversity.
(i) Three members of the Institutional Forum reflecting the diversity of the staff, appointed by the Forum.
(j) Two members nominated by the Students’ Representative Council, one of whom must be from the designated groups.
(k) A representative of each of the trade unions (currently UVPERSU and NEHAWU), appointed by themselves.
(l) The Director: Human Resources (also acts as secretary).

If the selection committee does not have sufficient representatives from the designated groups and/or sufficient expertise, persons may be appointed accordingly by the Council.

4. Was the post advertised?

Yes, the post was advertised in national and international media in terms of the UFS policy and procedure and in terms of the specific instructions of the Council. The UFS obtained the services of a renowned executive search agency specialising in academic appointments to ensure that the best available candidates applied for the position.

5. How many applications did the UFS receive?

The UFS received a total of 26 applications. From these applicants, five candidates were shortlisted for interviews. After the interviews, this list was further reduced to three. These three candidates then made public appearances to introduce themselves to the UFS community and to spell out their vision for the UFS.

6. For how long is the Rector and Vice-Chancellor appointed?

The term of office of the Rector and VC is five years, and the conditions of his/her appointment (including the remuneration package) will be determined by the Council in consultation with the successful candidate.

7. When will the successful candidate take up office?

This will depend on the successful candidate. However, as soon as this has been decided, an announcement will be made.